10 Rules for Dealing with Police

Most people are unprepared to handle police encounters. Few people understand their constitutional protections. As a result, when stopped by police, many people unknowingly waive many of their rights.  A group called Flex Your Rights has put together informational videos and they have made the videos available on Youtube.  The video and the information echos and reinforces many of the articles I have authored on this blog about invoking your rights and not making statements to police.

The 10 Rules for Dealing With Police

1.  Always be calm and cool.

2.  You always have the right to remain silent.

3.  You have the right to refuse searches.  “I don’t consent to searches.”

4.  Don’t get tricked.  Police may legally lie to you.

5.  Determine if you are free to go. “Are you detaining me or am I free to go?”

6.  Don’t expose yourself!

7.  Don’t run from police.

8.  Never touch a police officer.

9.  Report Police Misconduct. Be a good witness.

10.  You do not have to let them in your home.  “I can’t let you in without a warrant.”