How much does a divorce cost?

Unless you are indigent, there are some hard costs associated with divorce whether you have an attorney or not.  Since a divorce is a law-suit, you must pay a filing fee to the County Clerk where the divorce is being filed and you usually have to pay a process server to have your spouse served with the divorce action.   In Kentucky, filing fees can range from county to county but you can figure that the filing fee will cost in the range of $150 or more.

As for attorney fees, it completely depends on the attorney.  Generally, a more experienced attorney will charge more and the more complex your case is, the more you can expect to pay.  Some attorneys cater to high net worth clients and some attorneys cater to working class families.  Uncontested divorces usually cost considerably less than contested divorces.

Many attorneys will charge a retainer for a predetermined amount of work.  But if the work on the case exceeds the initial retainer, you will have to pay more.   I have worked on divorce cases where the attorney fees have ranged from hundreds of dollars (an uncontested divorce with no children) to hundred of thousands of dollars (a case in Florida that involved multiple properties and millions in assets and income).  It just depends on the circumstances of the parties involved.

Courts can also order one party to contribute to the attorney fees of the other party.

So while there is not one answer I can give you concerning how much a divorce is going to cost, I offer fee arrangements of all shapes and sizes.  A Kentucky uncontested divorce can be less than $1000, including filing fees in many situations and a contested divorce will cost more.  I take into consideration the uniqueness of your case, the resources/assets you have available, and the complexity of your issues.   I offer a free initial consultation so that I can give you an honest estimation on the costs of your divorce.

My goal is to provide quality representation at affordable prices.

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