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What type of divorce should you file?

By Kenneth R. Turner, Jr., Esq.
Posted December 28, 2018

This is a description of the various types of Florida divorces and how you determine which type of divorce fits your situation.

by Ken Turner, Esq

There are three types of Divorces that can be filed in Florida circuit courts: (1) Simplified Dissolution of Marriage. (2) Standard Dissolution of Marriage. (3) Uncontested Dissolution of marriage.

The First questions to answer are:
Do you and your spouse have minor children together?
Do you have assets?
Do you have debt?
Can both of you sign a Petition?
Can both of you attend a hearing?

If you answered "yes" to any of those above questions, you cannot file a Simplified Dissolution of Marriage. Likewise, if you answered "no" to each and every question you may be able to file for a simplified dissolution of marriage.

The next set of questions to answer are?
If you have children, do you agree on all issues?
Do you agree on what to do with all of your assets?
Do you agree on what to do with all of your debts?
Are both of you willing to sign all necessary documents?

If you answered "yes" to ALL of those questions, you may be able to file an uncontested dissolution of marriage

All other divorces are Standard dissolution of marriage cases.

Below you can see these questions placed in a decision tree